EVENT CENTERS and ballrooms

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​                                            A Texas Tradition for over 40 years!


17. Candy Buffets - are permitted, but a fee of $50 will be charged to allow them to be served and can be served throughout the event.

18. Chocolate/Chamoy fountains with fruit - are permitted until 8:00 pm.

19. Dress attire - is enforced.  The occasions held on our ballrooms are of a formal and semi formal nature and the form of dress should reflect this.  Please notify us if your event will be a casual event beforehand. 

20. Dancing - Inappropriate dancing, break dancing free style and mosh is not permitted for safety purposes.  

21. Invitations - Renters can choose to have security check guest for invitations to keep out uninvited individuals, and to insure that invited guests are accommodated.

22. Children - Large events can be dangerous if children are left unattended to play on the dance floor or onto the stage.  Band or DJ should make an announcement of children are playing in areas they should not be in and adult should remove children from these areas for their safety.  

23. Smoking - is not permitted within the hall.  Guests are required to step outside to smoke.

PLEASE REMOVE PERSONAL BELONGINGS FROM ROOM AT THE CONCLUSION OF EVENT.  We will not be held responsible for any items left behind.

24. Masks - Must be worn at all times by all attendees age 10 and older except when eating and drinking at a table.  

25. Music volume - should be kept at a volume that will allow guests to speak to one another at a distance of 6 feet.

26. Vendors - All vendors are required to wear masks.  Caterers are to wear masks, wash hands frequently, or wear gloves to avoid the spread of germs. 

27. Guests - are encouraged to use hand sanitizer, and wash hands frequently to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

28. Seating - Designated seating is encouraged for our renters, to keep families and guests at a safe distance from one another.  No more than 10 guests seated per table.

29. Dancing - Guests should make every effort to keep a 6 foot distance from others not living in their household.

30.At risk population - are encouraged to stay home, or sit apart from other guests. (At risk population are those 65 and older and those with health conditions or weakened immune system).

The health and safety of our guests and staff remains our first priority, and we want everyone to have the best experience possible.  If we work together and everyone cooperates, celebrations can continue to be wonderful events to remember.   


Garcia Properties offers additional services:

1.  5 pc. Illuminated arch backdrop:            $350

2. Beaded pipe and drape back drop with up        lighting and beaded columns:                   $250

3.  9 ft. beaded columns with up lighting     $150

4.  Up lighting (6 lights included)                 $225

5. Acrylic Card box                                      $75

6.  Portrait stand                                          $25




  g. Helium balloons must be fastened to something to avoid balloons from becoming tangled in ceiling fans, or from restricting air if caught in HVAC vents. 

    h.  Prior approval must be obtained  to install any decor onto ceilings.  Approved ceiling hooks must be used to suspend lightweight items; no wires permitted.

   i. No staples, nails, tacks or tape permitted on walls, columns or tables.

   j.  No glitter, confetti, rice, sand, birdseed or bales of hay allowed within premises.  Flower petals and potpourri are acceptable.

7. Band/DJ set up - set up is designated during time of decoration or after 4 pm on day of event.  Callaghan and Plaza Ballrooms can be set up after 3 pm.  No smoke or fog permitted.  Use of such can cause fire alarms to emit or can be hazardous if fog settles and creates floor to become slippery. 

8. Cake Delivery - is recommended for to be delivered after 4 pm, when someone is on site for the rest of the evening.  Deliveries to Callaghan and Plaza Ballrooms can be done after 3 pm. 

9. Keg of beer - One keg of beer may be served during the reception between 5 pm and 8 pm. Exception: Crown Jewel, Le Rose and Marquis is permitted one pony keg during reception.

10. Champagne - a limit of 12 bottles will be allowed for the toast.  Wine is not permitted.

11. Snack bar sales - Our snack bar will sell beer, wine coolers, set ups, sodas, water, snacks, etc.

12. Hard Liquor - Guests may bring in their own hard liquor.  Sodas and ice are sold at the snack bar.

13.  Beverages - Renters may only serve tea, punch or lemonade during the dinner.  Sodas, juices, canned or bottled beer, bottles water, margarita machines or sodas not allowed.  

14. Serving areas - We do not offer stoves or refrigeration.  To keep food hot or cold, caterers must provide equipment to maintain desired temperatures.  This room must be cleared and cleaned by 8 pm.

15.  No pets or animals permitted within the premises. 

16.  Dinner -  Only what renter if offering for a meal may be served.  A small amount of peanuts, pretzels, Chex Mix, dinner mints or cookies is permitted on guest tables.  Dinner mints should be placed into a small box, bags or should come individually wrapped to prevent spilling onto the floor and may make the floor to become sticky. 

banquet hall rules

1.  Security guards and clean up of the facility (with the exception of the serving area if used) is included. 

2.  Rental hours -  are from 5 pm to 12 am.  Additional hours are available at $150 for each hour after 12 am.

3.  We operate a cash bar during the event.  Renters requesting that we do not sell alcoholic beverage sales will be charged an additional fee of $500. 

4.  Table Set up - A standard set up will be used unless an optional arrangement has been agreed upon.  Once tables are set, they are not to be moved or removed from room.  Table set up is typically discussed and arranged upon signing of final contract.  Entrances and exits are not to be blocked.  Garcia Properties reserves the right to make changes to seating as needed without notice to renters.

5.  Rehearsals - are only permitted on the day of event during decorating hours. No rehearsals may be conducted at Callaghan or Plaza Ballroom.

6. Decorating - Lucky, Unique, Marquis, Le Rose and Crown Jewel ballrooms are permitted to decorate, Saturdays 8am to 11am. Callaghan and Plaza Ballrooms are permitted to decorate at the conclusion of Bingo (approximately 2:30 pm). Marquis, Le Rose and Crown Jewel events held Sunday - Fridays are permitted to decorate 10:30 am - 1:30 pm.  

    a.  We do not furnish ladders, extension cord scissors. Due to time constraint, we can cover all tables with white plastic liners, for events held at Callaghan or Plaza ballrooms, at no extra charge. 

  b. If using disposable liners, it is not necessary to to dispose of trash from tables at the end of event. 

 c.  If linens are used, please discuss with contracted service as to who will remove trash from tables so that linens can be removed.  Care is to  be taken to avoid needless spills onto the tables, chairs and floors.

 d. Absolutely no tape permitted within the Ballrooms.

 e.  Open flames candles are not permitted.  Only battery operated candles are acceptable.

  f. Decorative glass, acrylic stones or rocks are to be inserted into a container.  They are not permitted to placed loose on the tables.  ​Gel beads are not permitted. Small pieces can fall onto floor and can be hazardous.

HEALTH & SAFETY PROTOCOLS during Covid-19 pandemic. Please read #24 - #30