EVENT CENTERS and ballrooms

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​                                            A Texas Tradition for over 40 years!




The image on this page is for our standard set up at 1416 Callaghan Rd.  Renters have the option of keeping the three tables in front of the main table for close family, or those tables can be completely removed.  There are a few more options for the room set up but because of time constraints, arrangements must be made well in advance, and extra fees may be involved. 

  This diagram is not drawn to scale and is to be used only to get a visual idea of where the tables and chairs are positioned within the room. 

The maximum capacity of the room is 900; however the seating capacity is determined by amount of chairs placed at each table.  There is an approximate amount of 40 doubled tables, and an additional 8 single tables are available to use for the main party, gift, cake and guest book (a total of 88 tables).  Each doubled table setting can seat between 6,8,10,12 and up to 14 chairs per table setting. 

For example:  If we set 6 chairs at the table (3 on either side) @ 40 sets of tables, the seated capacity is set for 240 guests. @8 chairs per table setting - 350 guests can be seated, @ 10 chairs per table - 400 guests can be seated, @12 chairs per table - 480 guests can be seated, and @14 chairs per table - 560 guest can be seated.