EVENT CENTERS and ballrooms

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​                                            A Texas Tradition for over 40 years!






Lucky Ballroom offers 3 different seating arrangements:

  1.  Our standard arrangement has the main table located to the right hand side as one enters the room. 

  2.  The second seating arrangement, offers the main table located across from the stage to the left hand side of the room in front of a glass wall.  For those preferring this location, but do like the glass wall, we have a drape system that can cover the width of the glass wall and up to 10 feet high for a fee of $100 if it is available for the day.  Please inquire if interested. 

  3.  Our 3rd seating arrangement allows for the main table to be set to the left hand side of the stage so that guests walking in can see those at the main table upon entry of the room.  Upon signing of final contract, a choice will be given to determine which arrangement is preferred.

The renter also has the choice of how many chairs to place per guest table which will also determine what the seated capacity will be.

Lucky Ballroom has 40 doubled guest tables that allow guest to sit all around the table.  Aside from those tables, are 8 additional 8ft  tables to be used for the main party table, cake, gift and guest book table. Renters have a choice of having 6,8,10,12 and up to 14 chairs per table.

These diagrams are for illustrative purposes only, and are not precise or drawn to  scale.  It only illustrates where tables are set within the room.

This room can also be minimized if renter does not expect to fill room to capacity, and prefers to create a more intimate setting.  A pipe and drape can be set up to create this effect.