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Keep in mind that although proper plans have been made to avoid things going awry, things don't always turn out perfect.  Try to make the best out of every situation, and most of all have fun.  The day will come and go so quickly, so you want to make sure you enjoy every moment of the occasion with your family and friends. 


Either hire a professional or someone you can rely on to record or photograph your special moments.  Allow for enough time to have photos taken, and to partake in all those special moments you wish to capture within the day.  Try to designate specific times each event is to be performed to assure that you can accomplish them.  Discuss anything in particular you may want captured on film with the person chosen to take the footage or photos.  To save money, If you know of someone with a good camera, have photos taken at a scenic area and develop photos at Walmart or Walgreens at at a fraction of the cost.  Purchase a frame at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  Don't forget to use your coupons!  Look on Pinterest for great ideas and inspiration for photo opportunities.   Some times the best photos are those that are unique and different from what one normally sees.  


How will your honor court or bridal party arrive to the church or party venue?  Will you be seeking to lease a limousine to transport everyone?  There are standard size limousines, Hummers, Buses, and Trolleys available.  Cost will depend on the amount of hours and the day it will be needed.  Reserve this service with plenty of time especially if your event will be during prom season (April).  During prom season, last minute arrangements for limousines can be difficult.



Meet with family members/florists/decorators or research the internet for decorating inspiration.  Decide on a color scheme, theme, etc.  Create a list of your ideas and colors, meet with companies to provide estimates for table cloths, and or chair covers.  Order corsages for honor court girls, mothers, and grandmothers, boutonnieres for honor court boys, groomsmen, dads and grandfathers, and perhaps a smaller version for sponsors.  Keep in mind the time frame in which you have to work with if you decide to "do it yourself."  Hiring a party planner, or decorator/florist is well worth it you do not have enough people you can rely on to help.  Sometimes there isn't sufficient time within the day to accomplish the decorating yourself along with everything else that needs to be done on the day of the event.

Paper lanterns , balloons and ceiling drapes fill up tall ceiling spaces and add color to the room.  Balloon columns can also add color within the room and create a festive look.  Simple vases purchase at Dollar Tree can be used with a single flower inserted into it.  Water can be added or even colored stones or colored gel beads with or without a submersible LED light can be used to enhance the look of an arrangement.

Different decorators also rent out centerpieces if one does not have time to fuss with home made centerpieces.  Just make sure no one take them because you will most likely be responsible in the replacement cost of that piece.  You might ask the band or DJ to announce that guests not remove centerpieces because they are rental pieces and you might ask security at the venue to not allow guests to remove the pieces since typically an security guard is posted by the door.

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Do it yourself

Surprisingly, Walmart sells accessories such as toasting glasses, cake toppers, cake and knife sets, and invitations and the cost is very reasonable.  Target also sells blank invitations to print at home. 
Travis Wholesale sells a large variety of party accessories and ribbons for those who are creative and have the time to create the decor themselves.  Dollar Tree also sells party items and can be special ordered if a large quantity is needed, at a very reasonable price.  Other store to visit are:  Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Lettys at 694 SW Military Dr., KC Dollar at 1135 S General McMullen, an JoAnnas Crafts at 3103 W. Commerce. 

Stopping by the venues themselves on the weekends when they are being decorated is also a good way to obtain decor ideas.  Don't forget to shop the internet, Ebay, and Craigslist for items and pricing.  Sometimes if you already know what you are shopping for and need a certain quantity,  it is easier to shop online from home, and have it delivered to you, especially if you are limited on time. 
For Quinceaneras, sometimes it is cheaper to buy accessories separately rather than to obtain a "package deal".  In doing so, one can choose things that are more personal to the celebrant.  Did the debutante never played with dolls?  Why get the last doll if it has no meaning?  Did the debutante play with a ratty old bear instead?  Use a teddy bear similar to her favorite trusty bear, and have a little dress sewn for it, or at Build a Bear one might find a fancy dress for it.